Moreish & Malt

Moreish & Malt is new casual dining concept in up and coming industrial Kwung Tong. From the group that brought you Kowloon East Kitchen (established in 2014), our interior design reflects two separate identities that share the same space to offer a dining experience (Moreish) and a bar, lounge (Malt) experience.


Refers to having a very pleasant taste and making you want to eat more, which in our case is akin to a casual dining room serving flame grilled chops in East Kowloon. We use fresh ingredients, classic grilled meats and homemade desserts to offer a casual and enjoyable dining experience.


Refers to barley or other grain that has been steeped, germinated, and dried, used for brewing or distilling, which in our case is akin to a café and lunch space by day, a bar by night to hangout after-work. Kick back and relax with our selection of beer, wine, hand crafted signature cocktails, and pub-food.


Moreish & Malt 西式到會 10人餐 - Katering 點點到會
歡聚套餐 沙律 Special Salad: 凱撒沙律 Caesar salad (2lb)特色小食 Snacks:亞洲風味甜雞翼 Sticky wings (20pc)燒烤汁風味雞翼 BBQ wings (20pc)迷你牛角包配風乾火腿,芝士 Mini Croissant with Prosciutto and cheese (12 pc)香烤肉類 Hot Entrees:原條燒美國豬柳 Roasted U.S Pork Chop (1kg)燴美國牛肋條...
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Moreish & Malt 西式到會 20人餐 - Katering 點點到會
狂歡派對 沙律 Special Salad :大蝦蜜柑沙侓 (2磅) Mandarin & Prawns Salad (2lbs)特色小食 Snacks:巴馬火腿芝士迷你牛角包 (25件) Pama Ham & Cheese Mini Croissant (25pcs)燒牛仔腸薯條拼盤 (2磅) Roasted Beef Sausage & Fries Platter (2lbs)自家制田園蝦餅咖喱角拼盤) Crispy Asian...
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Moreish & Malt 西式到會 30人餐 - Katering 點點到會
團體聚會 沙律 Special Salad:煙肉薯仔沙律 Bacon & Chives Potato salad (2lb)什果沙律 Fruit salad (2lb)特色小食 Snacks:吉列魚手指(配秘製他他醬) Fried Fish Finger (40pc)咖喱角 Chinese Style Samosa (46pc)迷你意式肉丸 (配蕃茄醬) Mini meatball in Tomato Sauce (60pc)焗芝士西蘭花 Broccoli...
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