Kingduck 京饌

The mixture of the modern and traditional decor, Kingduck who specialise in Beijing Cuisine will surely delight your palate. Beijing Cuisine who focuses on variety of cooking method, be delighted and surprised your tasting journey.



Kingduck catering menu for 12 pax 京饌12人到會套餐
頭盤 Appetizers Braised Wheat Gluten with Mushrooms四喜烤麩Jelly Fish with House Special Vinaigrette陳醋海蜇頭Crispy Fung Mei Fish with Chili Sauce麻辣鳳尾魚Pigeon Marinated with Chinese Yellow Wineand Preserved Plum話梅醉乳鴿9 Smoked Vegetarian Goose with Rose...
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