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泰潮 Thai Chiu

    泰潮牌菜以「泰式海南雞」最為上乘,海南雞以秘製方法煮製,肉質嫩口彈牙,配雞油香飯,成功令泰潮於開業短短三年便榮獲「米芝蓮推介」及後連續8年亦成功連任。其他招牌菜有: 泰式滷水豬髀飯及冬蔭功湯粉等等,一直深受名人及藝人們愛戴,成為記者筆下的「明星食堂」。     最低消費 : $1800    48小時前下單  




  象屋是一家時尚的泰式餐廳,專注於正宗的泰國風味。我們的主廚Khun Nam有國際烹飪經驗和在巴黎藍帶國際學院客座講師。她認為泰國最好的口味來自基本成分和香料。因此,在象屋,我們所有的食物,咖哩,醬汁都是每天手工製作的 La Maison D’Elephant is a trendy Thai restaurant with a strong focus on authentic Thai taste. Our head chef Khun Nam has international cooking experience and guest lectures at Le Gordon Bleu School. She believes the best Thai taste is from the basic ingredients and spices. Therefore, at La Maison D’Elephant, all our food, curry, sauces are created fresh daily by hand.


點心到會專門店 依循傳統做法,力求精益求精,選材嚴謹,堅持用料新鮮。駐店師傅每日用人手打造古法點心,絕不會將貨就價,以合理價錢惠及食客。功夫點心總廚功力深厚,憑藉廿多年豐富入廚經驗,並曾在本地各大五星級酒 店及高級私人會所擔任點心主管,秉承廣東傳統點心手藝,以頂級食材入饌,配以用心精巧製作出一系列精緻的點心。我們的理念是提供一個有別於茶樓的較輕鬆舍意環境,讓人客專心享用點心的美味。

Fork Eat

  Self-raised chickens from the restaurant’s own farm are used in the dishes. The chickens are corn-fed without adding any hormone, animal fat, and artificial pigment. The meat is tender and flavourful. Michelin Street Food (2018) 小店主打自家農場鮮雞,以天然粟米餵飼,無添加激素、動物脂肪及人工色素。雞肉嫩滑,雞皮爽口。米芝蓮街頭小食 (2018)

Moreish & Malt

Moreish & Malt is new casual dining concept in up and coming industrial Kwung Tong. From the group that brought you Kowloon East Kitchen (established in 2014), our interior design reflects two separate identities that share the same space to offer a dining experience (Moreish) and a bar, lounge (Malt) experience. MOREISH Refers to having a very pleasant taste and making you want to eat more, which in our case is akin to a casual dining room serving flame grilled chops in East Kowloon. We use fresh ingredients, classic grilled meats and homemade desserts to offer a casual and enjoyable dining experience. & MALT Refers to barley or other grain that has been steeped, germinated, and dried, used for brewing or distilling, which in our case is akin to a café and lunch space by day, a bar by night to hangout after-work. Kick back and relax with our selection of beer, wine, hand crafted signature cocktails, and pub-food.

Table 18 Bar & Restaurant

Table 18 Bar & Restaurant 以和諧舒適為主調的裝潢, 環境時尚優雅, 店內更設有開放式沙律吧、酒吧及多部電視, 讓您可一邊欣賞喜愛的電視頻道, 一邊享受精選美食, 有如置身家裡和諧舒適的氣氛, 必定是作為都巿人的您忙裡偷閒, 享受悠閒寫意生活之選。 推介菜式: 燒美國聖路易斯豬筋骨伴薯條沙律 香草牛油焗巨型蘑菇田螺

Katering 泰式到會

Professional Thai Food & Catering Service Thai Catering offers professional catering services for conferences, meetings, cocktail, buffet, parties, weddings and other social gatherings. In addition, we offer a variety of Thai cuisine with numerous styles. Customers’ requirements are tailor-designed as to offer the perfect moment for our clients. Our food and beverage business includes Bangkok Thai Restaurant & Koon Thai Cuisine. Our Thai chef follows Royal Thai cooking methods to bring out authentic Thai cuisine. Our restaurant coverage is all over Hong Kong the territory with high popularity among customers.