Katering 泰式到會

Professional Thai Food & Catering Service

Thai Catering offers professional catering services for conferences, meetings, cocktail, buffet, parties, weddings and other social gatherings. In addition, we offer a variety of Thai cuisine with numerous styles. Customers’ requirements are tailor-designed as to offer the perfect moment for our clients.

Our food and beverage business includes Bangkok Thai Restaurant & Koon Thai Cuisine. Our Thai chef follows Royal Thai cooking methods to bring out authentic Thai cuisine. Our restaurant coverage is all over Hong Kong the territory with high popularity among customers. 




Thai Catering 10 Pax Set 泰式到會  10人套餐 - Katering 點點到會
醃酸辣去骨鳳爪 Thai Sour and Spicy Boneless Chicken Paw 2磅(lbs) 泰式(秘制)香茅雞翼 Lemongrass Chicken Wings 12隻 泰式炸(手打)魚餅 Fried Fish cake 12件 泰式豬頸肉串燒 Pork Skewers 12串 泰式炒雜菜 Stir-fried Assorted Vegetables in Thai Style...
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Thai Catering 20 Pax Set 泰式到會 20人套餐 - Katering 點點到會
泰式(秘制)酸辣鳳爪 Boneless chicken feet in thai style 2磅(lbs) 泰式豬頸肉 Grilled Pork Fillet in Thai Style 2磅(lbs) 沙嗲串燒雙拼 豬頸肉+雞肉 Combination of Satay Sticks, choice of Pork and Chicken 24件(pcs) 泰式炸(手捲)春卷 Thai Spring...
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Thai Catering 30 Pax Set 泰式到會 30人套餐 - Katering 點點到會
泰式醃豬頸肉沙律 Pork Neck Salad in Thai Style 2磅(lbs) 醃酸辣去骨鳳爪 Boneless chicken feet in thai style 2磅(lbs) 泰式牛柳,雞肉,豬頸肉各12串燒 Satay Sticks, choice of Pork Beef and Chicken 36件(pcs) 泰式海南雞 Thai Hai Nam...
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