Seoul Kitchen

Seoul Kitchen aims to deliver a unique and genuine food experience to its customers by offering quality, authentic Korean food and ingredients.


Party Set A:  8 -10 ppl portion (8 - 10人用)
Party Set A:  8 -10 ppl portion (8 - 10人用)    Flower Kale With Assorted Vegetable & Fruit Salad - Medium Tray羽衣甘藍及鮮什錦蔬菜水果沙律配柚子醬 - 1 盤케일 유자드레싱 과일 샐러드 (중) Assorted...
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Party Set B: 12-14 ppl portion (12-14人用)
Party Set B: 12-14 ppl portion (12-14人用)        Flower Kale with Assorted Vegetable & Fruit Salad - 1 Big Tray羽衣甘藍及水果沙律配柚子醬 - 1 盤유자 드레싱 케일 과일 샐러드 트레이 (대) ...
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